Perth Collaborations

I play in all sorts of combinations with improv people in Perth. Some links below to things that have found their way on to the Internet…

foliages-b&wEduardo Cossio – Foliages

Eduardo’s album of improvised duets on Dog Park Records. Other tracks feature Dan O’Conor, Zoe Kilbourn and Ben Greene.

James Bradbury’s Biomimicrybiomimicy-cover

I feature (along with Dan O’Connor) on Mr Bradbury’s release singing in duet with his wonderful “autonomous musical system”. Like singing with a mutant, cyborg version of myself.

zoe-sage-eduardoZoe, Sage and Eduardo
Improvised music with Zoe Kilbourn (soprano sax) and Eduardo Cossio (no input mixer; prepared guitar). Kinda industrial, kinda melodic, kind demonic, kinda beautiful… Soundcloud


josten-&-mike-&-sage-b&w.jpgwith Mike Caratti (drums & percussion) and Josten Myburgh (laptop)
Shamanistic vocals, industrial wasteland electronics & percussion fury. Album coming in the not-too-distant-future… live video.

Other Collaborations
I do various things with various folx from the wonderful Perth improv/experimental/exploratory music scene. Also always open to new collaborations, so get in touch if you fancy. I tend to favour Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial) licensing of my work so other folx can play with my sounds. Full license here (but please, get in touch if you want to do something “not permitted”).