Other projects

The Ripening The Very Verge of Remembrance / They Must Sleep, Or They Will Devour Us

Some guest vocals on this contagious avant-metal project

Little Songs of the Mutilated They were lifelessly melding in a pool painted with little songs of the Mutilated

A musical version of the surrealist exquisite corpse game. This iteration also featured A Demon Sheen, Gelareh Pour, David Prescott-Steed, Jen Tait and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency.

Fair Play 2 (compilation)

The second Fair Play compilation brings together 80 works by 90 female identifying or trans artists not only from French speaking countries but also from India, Tasmania, Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Zimbabwe, China, Morocco…

EX/IN (responses to Dan O’Connor’s IN/EX)

I curated this composition to celebrate the two year anniversary of Dan’s important release. As a thank you to him and everything he has contributed to the Perth exploratory music community and a celebration of Tone List.

Erin K Taylor & Sage Pbbbt MPavillion

A live set with percussionist, electro-acoustic musician and sound artist Erin K Taylor recorded soon after my arrival in Melbourne at the MPavilion (outdoor venue). The first time we’d met.

Dan O’Connor & Sage Pbbbt lines to

Dan is one of my favourite people to improvise with and while our practices are quite different, we’re both really interested in exploring the possibilities of timbre on our respective instruments (trumpet / voice). Recorded just before I left Perth.

Sound of the Mountain Residence #4

Voice and drums on a track of this release from Elizabeth Millar (self-made instruments, clarinet & objects) and Craig Pedersen (self-made instruments, trumpet & objects).

Eduardo Cossio’s Foliages

I played drums and voice on one of the tracks on Eduardo Cossio’s solo release

James Bradbury’s Biomimicry

I feature (along with Dan O’Connor) on Mr Bradbury’s release singing in duet with his wonderful “autonomous musical system”. Like singing with a mutant, cyborg version of myself.

Minutiae (compilation)

A compilation of one-minute songs from Perth artists on Dog Park Records.

Hummingwards Monkeys

I lived in Glasgow for some years and played a lot with Ula Kinderyte, Giorigo Skretkis and Juana Adcock. Free improv, psychomagick ritual, storytelling, no-wave. A hugely important collaboration (for me), though few recordings survive.


anti-folky, silly, fun, electronicy, hip hop, experimentally, story telling type stuff. genre trouble.

Morrissey’s Love Children

Steeped in spite and dripping in irony. Major influences were stated as: The Shaggs, Pansy Division, of course, Laibach. Tongue-in-cheek white rap, experimental noise, attempts at pop music.