Old Projects

I lived in Glasgow for quite a while and played a lot of music with Ula Kinderyte, Giorigo Skretkis and Juana Adcock. Free improv, psychomagick ritual, storytelling, no-wave, screamo… Life changing. Though I don’t think the few recordings we have shared thus far do us justice.

Back in 2007 I made a couple of albums with the wonderful K (K’s first time recording music!) Anti-folky, silly, fun, electronicy, queer, hip-hop, experimental, critical theory, story telling type stuff. Genre trouble.

mlc-band-pic-b&w.jpegMorrissey’s Love Children
If you’ve always wanted to hear a band rap about the films of Ed Wood, post-structuralism, or the elephant-headed Ganesa; a band obsessed with The Shaggs, Wesley Willis and Steven Patrick Morrissey; a band built on a foundation of spite, irony and taking the piss out of each other; you might, might want to have a listen to MLC. Comin’ atcha like a lefty under Thatcher!