Digital Penetration

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Solo electronic project. The first way that I started making musick circa 2001-5. Put aside for a while. Picked up again in 2018. Exploratory ‘electronic’ musick. Some sound collage. Some beats-based stuff. Some noise. Some sound art. Some sampling. Some improvising. Some installation-type-things. Some drone. Some record scratching, tape scratching, radio scratching, arse scratching. Some genre trouble. Some very silly things. Some ‘silent’ things. Some traffic things. Something.


I constructed this album with layers of audio samples. With an emphasis on a sense of ambience and an interest in sound collage. It is part of an ongoing exploreation of improvised element in electronic music. In this context, by sampling improvised music.

I layered the video for this album alongside the audio samples. I was similarly interested in texture and collage. I shot a lot of the video with a macro lens, exploring texture. I was also interested in how everyday things becomes ‘abstract’ when seen in extreme closeup. I shot some video on a camera phone. Another way of incorporating aspects of the everyday, or found objects. The video was inspired by the film by Shinkan Tamaki. This feel seemed to embody something about texture and the everyday that I found deeply moving. Made with Reaper.

01 created out of samples from outtakes of a recording session of Perth improvising collective Overlay.
04 created from samples provided by Oz Kesik (aka Plyanci From a recording session of theirs at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studios on a Buchla Easel.
Some of the video for track 4 was sourced here:
05 created from samples of various Perth improv musicians.

digital penetration – Strata – 1. overlay
digital penetration – Strata – 2. superimpose
digital penetration – Strata – 3. laminae
digital penetration – Strata – 4. assemblage
digital penetration – Strata – 5. palimpsest

Three Journeys

I thought I’d celebrate the release of my solo (Sage Pbbbt) drumming album Three Journeys on Tone List records by releasing a mostly-unrelated album of electronic music with the same name.

1) This track explores the timbral, textural qualities of this other home-made drum. But it also has a constantly changing delay on the higher frequencies. So it ‘amplifies’ the overtones and differences while adding another sense of constantly changing rhythm. A reworking, continuation, counterpoint to the Sage Pbbbt album.

2) is a remix/reworking of Kathy Acker reading ‘First Whore Song’ from ‘Pussy, King of the Pirates’. Kathy Acker was onto something. And I totally ̶p̶l̶a̶g̶i̶a̶r̶i̶s̶e̶d̶ appropriated the title of this track from LUKA’s excellent album of the same name.

3) some minimalist bleep bloop music

washing birdma chine

Washing machines, sound collage, field recordings, washing machines, a catchy thing made from a Reggie Watts sample and some washing machines.

desmos ongssi xteen

This collection feels quite similar to my old methodology of quite random things put together for no other reason than they’re finished so it got named appropriately.

threem ove ments (collage)

A volume-fades-only exploration of collaged textures. Three movements of eight samples. Intention non-use of editing to foreground the use of the differing sound qualities of ‘found’ (on my hard drive) recordings. (Also, playing with a new toy—first ever midi controller.)

Watching Shinkan Tamaki’s Time Space Motion

A mostly-silent recording of some people watching a mostly-silent film. An attempt at a tribute in sound to one of the most moving films that I have ever seen.

Fridges & Sticks

Fridge-buzz musick. Drone. EQ-scratching. Bamboo-skewers-on-hi-hat playing nonsense.

breaking breaking waves

Silly loopy madness (really not utilising the right tools to do so; cause I didn’t have them at the time). The first ‘electronic music’ I’ve made in thirteen or so years. Compiled of samples from Breaking Waves rehearsal sessions. WARNING! MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Mike Carati, Jameson Feakes, B Gosper, Ben Greene, Djuna Lee, Josten Myburgh, Dan O’Conor, Sage Pbbbt and Vanesa Stasiw.

 & some older things

(The original incarnation of Digital Penetration, circa 2001-2005…)digital-penetration-old-albums